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Storage and Process Tanks in Canada’s Arctic and Isolated Regions

Gem Steel has the power to manufacture the storage tanks you need with fast turnaround times and efficient deployment. We work all across Canada, including in the Arctic and isolated regions, and we’re known for our safe work on mines and resource projects. If your business needs a place to keep fuel on-site or you have other storage requirements, contact Gem Steel to consult with us about a range of tank options, including:

Bulk storage tanks  |  Mine/mill process tanks  |  Ore bins and hoppers  |  ULC shop tanks  |  Complex internals

Bulk Storage Tanks

One of the best-equipped tank contractors in the world, Gem Steel has built a strong reputation by fulfilling the bulk storage tank needs of major resource companies and mines for over 30 years. Our offerings include:

  • Field-erected or shop-built tanks in small to large sizes
  • Single tanks or complete tank farms
  • Tanks up to API, ULC or AWWA standards
  • Double containment options available
  • Available to build under extreme cold conditions and tight deadlines
  • Proprietary rapid-speed tank erection systems
  • Full range of conventional cranes and 100-ton cranes
  • Over 40 manlifts ranging to 110 feet
  • Advanced double-sided automatic girth welders
  • In-house oxygen plasma plate squaring to 50 feet
  • In-house and portage plate rolling systems

Mine/Mill Process Tanks

Gem Steel has helped to construct some of the most advanced mines in the world. Offering full lines of mine/mill process tanks and cooperative problem-solving suggestions for effective flow and separation, Gem Steel can help you with all your processing needs. Our mill offerings include:

  • Leach tanks
  • Carbon/CIP tanks
  • Pre-aeration, aeration tanks
  • Mill water, fine water and tailings water tanks
  • Electrolytic tanks
  • Chemical, acid, coated and stainless steel tanks
  • Heavy metal removal
  • Thickeners and clarifiers
  • Bridges, structural, walkways and catwalks
  • Agitators, drives, rakes, paddles and baffles
  • Troughs, flow gates, settling and flow control
  • Cones, complex transitions
Leach tanks

Mine processing / chemical tank farms

Leach tanks, TVX Gold, MB

40' Thickener

Thickeners, bridges, agitators, baffles, catwalks

40' Thickener, TVX Gold, MB

128' Clarifier

Clarifiers, rakes, containment structures

128' Clarifier, Brenda Mine, BC

Ore Bins and Hoppers

We are proud to offer ore bins, hoppers, silos and massive cone tanks. These are available in any configuration. Shop-built and field-erected tanks are available.

Ore Bins

Ore Bins, Hoppers, Silos & Cone Tanks

Massive cone tanks, bins, hoppers & Silos available in any configuration. Shop built or field erection available.

Fine ore bin

Fine ore bin, structural supports, roof enclosure

Cheni Gold Mine, BC

Unusual transitions

Unusual transition, hoppers, structural

Lead/Zinc lead-out bin, AB

Ore bin

Ore bin, wear plates, compression rings

TVX Gold, Snow Lake, MB

ULC Shop Tanks

Gem Steel’s aboveground Brutally Tough™ tanks store as much as 100,000 litres of liquid (water, fuel, waste) and are available in different sizes, with convenient hauling dimensions. The rigid design will not bend or twist when being transported, and no complex base preparation is needed – just level ground.

Features of these specially created tanks include:

  • Available in single wall or integral contained (double wall)
  • ULC-S601-07 listed
  • Sizes ranging from 20,000 litres to 100,000 litres
  • Hercules transportable up to 70,000 litres
  • Pump and dispensing system options
  • Quarter-inch steel plate walls standard
  • Two roof manways standard
  • Patent pending design

Complex Internals

Turn to Gem Steel for help with complex tank internals. Examples include:

  • Piping and mechanicals
  • Agitators and baffles
  • Compression/tension rings
  • Continuous stainless steel coils
  • Cones and separators
  • Internal ladders
  • Structural steel
  • Floating roofs
Complex separation structures for diamond recovery

Complex separation structures for diamond recovery

BHP Diamond Mine, Canada

Continuous stainless steel heating coils

Continuous stainless steel heating coils
(smooth with minimal joints)

Permolex Ethanol / Fermentation Plant, AB

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